Wednesday, December 12, 2018 03:31 AM
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The development trend of China steel structure

(1) The low alloy high quality high strength steel development and the application

At present, in addition to the steel Q235, Q345, Q390,in the new specification Q420 steel was added, but its application to steel structure still need further research. In order to meet the needs of the development of China's steel structure, in development and application of steel in the future also need to strengthen the following several aspects:

1) Develop higher strength, better comprehensive properties low alloy steel.

2) Increase  production of low alloy steel and steel structure application ratio.

3)Improve and enhance the quality of the low alloy steel.

(2) Structure design theory and method 

On the premise of ensure the safety of the structure, in order to give full play to the role of the steel, a more reasonable use of steel, also should further study structure design theory and method, the calculation method of structure and components should reflect the real working condition. Open research problems are: the bending torsional buckling problem of bending components, the utilization of the strength after bending of the sheet, the plastic design problem of steel structure, impact on the structure strength and stability problems of door type rigid frame light steel structure system stability and the overall structure of the space of work problems, etc.

(3) The research and application of light steel structure

Light steel structure is mainly refers to the thin wall steel structure and light steel structure consists of round steel and small Angle light steel. Since the 1960 s in our country systematically study of thin-walled steel structures, and batch used for roof truss and purlin bearing structure, etc. Encouraged our country’s light steel structure development.

(4) Research and application of steel and concrete composite components

Steel and concrete composite member make full use of the characteristics of the steel tensile and concrete stress, and make a component a variety of purposes, so it is a very reasonable and economic structure, the current has been applied in bridge and house floor. House floor, for example, the application of steel girder and reinforced concrete composite structures; With pressed steel as bottom mold, then use the shear keys (common wire nail) connected to the concrete slab which make pressed steel plate and concrete plates overall working of composite slab; Used in concrete filled steel tube structure of underground construction etc. This structure is a kind of very promising component form, needs further research and development.

(5) High-rise steel structure research

In recent more than ten years, China's coastal cities built a large number of high-rise buildings, some of them using the steel structure or the steel structure framework combined with reinforced concrete cylinder hybrid structural system. But basically, the buildings are built in introducing foreign capital, and shall designed by foreign designers, production and installation processes at home, entirely designed high-rise steel structure project at home is rarely. Therefore, China is still a lack of high-rise steel structure design experience, compared with the developed countries in theory research also has certain gap, we must strengthen the research work in the future.

(6) The research and application of space structure

Grid structure, reticulated shell structure, tensile structure system all belong to the spatial structure, the application of new technology in reducing the structure weight, improve the bearing capacity of the structure, steel saving etc effect is very obvious.

Also, the prestressed steel structure, can enhance the stiffness of structure, improve the bearing capacity, thus saving steel. Prestressed structure can be applied to steel truss, beam and frame structures or components, but the application is less, which is need research and development.

(7) Steel structure corrosion protection and fire prevention

Steel structure corrosion protection and fire prevention, has been the problem which need to take care in steel structure design, still no very effective measures. Therefore, in the steel structure fire prevention and maintenance still need to spend big money, which increased the cost of steel structure and maintenance costs.

(8) The development and application of steel structure design software

Computer technology has been widely applied in civil engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD for Computer Aided Design) has played a huge role on the optimization of structural Design and improve Design efficiency. At present, our country has independent research and development a lot more mature structure design softwares, which also have a steel structure design software, but with the continuous development of steel structure, steel structure design software also need to continuously improve and perfect.